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I’ve been listening to Rush Limbaugh for 16 years now, I make the joke that I listen to him more than I listen to my husband. Of course, my husband would never talk for three hours straight. I’ve been watching, with interest, the changes that Rush undergoes and am kind of shocked that he has turned his website into a sort of blog.

I think it’s great, don’t get me wrong, I think it’s humble, it’s real, and gives bloggers for conservatism a good feeling. Rush Limbaugh is the reason many conservative bloggers have the guts to write. His financial success is the reason many bloggers feel they can make it big. I was shocked because he is the man on the cutting edge, and he is legitimizing blogging. That is wonderful!

I listened with interest to Rush this week when he said he used to write a weekly column for a newspaper. Opining and digging for info is what bloggers do, but see, Rush has been doing that since way back!

I have just one teensy problems with today’s Rush Homepage. In, , why does the Titanic in the picture depict Chris Christie as the iceberg, when Rush states that we must, “make sure the GOP puts up the right iceberg.�?

Christie isn’t the right iceberg, unless his girth is the only reason he was used. The right iceberg would be a conservative.

See now Rush, you are catching flak from bloggers! Before long, we’ll all be acting like equals.

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  1. PhilipJames says:

    I submit a video you have to watch. It is Sarah Palin's speech on Friday night. This is what I consider to be one of, if not the best, speech that Sarah Palin has ever given… especially after her saying no to running for the Presidency.

    Question… after you watch it, do you really think any of the Republican candidates could or would be able to make a similar speech. That is why she is not running. She has a bigger mission…. to attack the entire corrupt system and to promote her Conservative principles.

    Sarah Palin Unshackled – Defending the Republic –

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