They didn’t really mean it. | Jen Kuznicki

Ever notice how you never hear Democrats brag about Obamacare?

Obama didn’t rest his reelection on Obamacare during his campaign last year, why is that?

Are the Democrats going to crash and burn because of this massive overreach of government-run healthcare?

Not if the Republicans have anything to say about it.

I just find it unreal that after all the rallies and activism and new Republican party members, that we are actually saying to the people of America, shut up about it already, and get used to it.

And it’s been probably a week or so that I have quietly become quite angry.

First of all, I’m an activist.  A true believer.  I believe in the greatness of America as founded, and we are so far from it, the most you can do is help people get elected who will begin to turn back the progressive expansion of government.  The left has their activists working full time, trying to completely destroy all that is decent and good.  And I got to thinking, would Democrat politicians ever try to completely piss off one of their activists?  I don’t think so. A Democrat politician would never tell one of his activists to sit down and shut up, because the Republicans passed a law, and that’s it, would he?  No, he wouldn’t.

No, a Democrat feeds off of the energy of his activists.  What do our guys do? They suck all the life and energy out of the party by their actions.

I left the Republican party in November because I heard John Boehner say, “Obamacare is the law of the land,�? which is tantamount to saying that the Republicans will not fight its implementation.  That pissed me off so much, I took to facebook and twitter and told the world I was breaking from the Republican party.  Boehner had gone too far.  But then I came back, just to get backhanded again, this time from Republican politicians in my state.

You would think that a wildly unpopular Orwellian law that no Republican voted for, would be shut out of the State you live in if in fact, your state was run by Republicans.  Nope.  The damn Governor is one of the original cheerleaders for the exchange, and nearly every office you contact, some aide tells you, “Obamacare is the law of the land.�?

So, the match is lit, and this time, no, I’m not leaving the party, but I know one hell of a lot of people who will.  And you know, they will be out there, making a very convincing argument.  They will say that though they tried to right the Republican party and bring it back to its limited government principles, they realized instead, that the modern Republican party wants to be just like the Democrat party, and be the ones to control your life.

It’s becoming clear that the elections we were involved in, in 2010 and 2012, were just for show, not because the Republican leadership is caving, but because they didn’t really mean it.  They didn’t really mean it when they said Obamacare was dreadful, and was just another way to control your life.  They didn’t really mean it when they told you they would repeal it.  They just didn’t really mean it, because if they did, they would be raising holy hell about this hateful law.  If they were truly concerned about America to ever be America again, every other phrase out of their mouths would be, Obamacare is deadly, or, Obamacare is rationing, or Obamacare will crush the Democrat party.

Why am I not leaving? I’m not leaving because of guys like Ted Cruz, and I believe that the strength of one righteous principled person can change people’s minds.

Boehner and the boys never meant it, Rick Snyder was completely for it, and it’s up to the Republican politicians in the States to educate the populace on the truly despicable attack on the sovereign people of this nation, but they actually want us to get used to it.

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  1. Tim Bos says:


    In reference to your "I’m not leaving the party, but I know one hell of a lot of people who will. " remark, I AM one of those people, and I WILL now gladly lead the charge.

    The fact that the state Senate has heard from the base of the Party about their feelings on exchanges- and that's nearly all of the base, not just us mere principled Conservatives, and still hangs the "Maybe" sign on the door to the Senate chamber, tells me all I need to know about the Michigan Republican Party and it's desire to stand for the principles of limited govt, less taxation, and prudent, responsible and respectful application of our taxpayer's earnings.

    Why should I represent and support any Party that really doesn't support me, my best interests, or my principles?

    I will not support a like-minded third party for the "fun" of it, for revenge, or as a lame "told ya so". But you can take it to the bank that I will support a third party and it's candidates with a fervor and effective mission to install principled Conservatives in high level elected positions in Lansing so that my ideals, principles and best interests are indeed on full display, and must be acknowledged and accounted for in all matters of state govt.

    Wanna take any bets on whether or not I can present a compelling case for many others to do the same? I refuse to lose, and I love challenges. I believe that I'm up for this one as well. See you in November '14.

  2. Gary Cobb says:

    The Republican Party. We can change it quicker that we can replace it and believe me time is not on our side. The old guards are on their way out and I want to be around to show them the door.
    In the time of the Civil War how many times did Lincoln change Generals before he found his leaders? He did not attempt to rebuild the entire army. He fought to save the Union and he made use of what he had. He changed leaders not armies. We the Conservatives and thus America do not have the time to rebuild an army. We are facing the same challenges Lincoln did and worse. He fought to save the union we are fight to save America. Our new leaders are just on the horizon and they will need our help. They feed off of us and believe in the Constitution. Hang in there and help get rid of the A-holes within the party. We all need your determination and anger to help get rid of them once and for all.

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