Bill O’Reilly’s non-ideological power | Jen Kuznicki
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The Right Scoop of an interview between Bill O’Reilly and the big go-to of the radio airwaves, the journalist extraordinaire, Geraldo Rivera. O’Reilly said the following,

“The right, basically plays to a crew, they play to a crew, and if they can gain currency there, and marginalize what they may see as a competitor, in the same arena, they’re gonna do that.�?

has a write-up and video of Bill and Megyn Kelly last week,

O’Reilly was still amazed at how many “demagogues on the right�? are still angry at him over it. Kelly guessed it was likely borne from the more conservative pundits that have a “personal dislike�? of O’Reilly, though O’Reilly suggested it’s more about trying to attain power. He said that they are trying to “diminish the power of the program,�? making a reference to MSNBC doing that for years. He called himself a “non-ideological guy�? who conservatives get upset over for not sticking to the conservative script.

Or maybe you’re showing your true colors on your sincerity of fighting for the ‘folks,’ and people have had enough of you.

The truth of the matter is the truth. The term “Bible-thumpers�? is derogatory, and O’Reilly slam the side of a hand into the palm of the other when saying, “Thump the Bible�? can see just how much reverence he pays to the good Book.

It’s been asked, over and over, in comments about O’Reilly’s irreverent and demeaning crusade against using the good Book as a means to conduct dialogue, what would happen to him, had he made the hand motions on air, slamming the Koran instead?

There is a sickness in our society today. We share articles about the horrific details of fully formed babies being killed, callously discarded as if they were malignant tumors. Yet O’Reilly uses the science behind abortion to suggest it is why there is a drop in approval of the practice? Could it be, Bill, that the nation would not know about these horrific practices in clinics, paid for by the working man, if not for talk radio and bloggers and alternate news websites? Or, are you going to take credit for that too, suggesting that if not for your ‘culture war’ no one would know anything that’s happening in the nation, ever? How narcissistic.

And a word about O’Reilly’s “power.�?

People don’t watch you because they think you have power, they kiss your ass. How you behave yourself when in a position of perceived influence speaks volumes about your personality, and I think there are plenty of people questioning Bill’s actual personality versus what he offers the viewership. Anybody who watches O’Reilly can see he railroads guests, especially those that want to make a point opposite of his, he offers ‘tips of the day’ as if he’s some sort of patriarchal hand-holder of the masses, and he, as witnessed recently, is not stopping any spin coming out of his own mouth.

As I said, it comes down to truth, and the ‘folks’ are the ultimate fanatics of the truth.

In political terms, spinning is expected. But in middle America, we want the truth. That’s why O’Reilly’s ‘No Spin Zone’ is now crumbling, because spinning, although prevalent in politics, means lying. Or, if I may quote the Bible, ‘Bearing false witness.’

The bottom line is, if you build yourself up as some sort of defender of all things good, then argue for creeping secularism, and show how out of touch you are by breaking your own rules, people get disgusted. People should be leaving the O’Reilly Factor in droves, but perhaps they won’t.

I suppose some questions are never asked of O’Reilly, like, how can you be a crusader against secularism and be non-ideological? Is secularism a judgement call? What do you base your judgement on? Are you a moral person? From where did you receive training for your ultimate morality? Is public life supposed to be sterile and without opinion? Is there a God? Can you prove it? Is he here right now? Is he your ultimate judge? Do you really have any power?

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10 Responses to Bill O’Reilly’s non-ideological power

  1. JOANNE SCOGIN says:


  2. Tara says:

    Well said. I don't watch Fox News on a regular basis, but now, after his disrespectful comments and idiot ramblings after the fact, when I do watch, I change the channel when O'Reilly comes on.

  3. don says:

    O'Reilly just dishes it out as he sees it. He's not always right and has made some 'mistakes' but over all he seems to get more things right than wrong. He likes to use a rope-a-dope thing on guests and draws people out before he takes issue. His dad was a NY City Cop after all. Allen Combs is typically torn to shreds by O'Reilly.

  4. craginm says:

    Lately I've found myself shouting at the TV, "Shut up, Bill!" It's really annoying when he asks questions of guests and then interrupts them before they get a chance to finish their answers.

    • Hamilton says:

      i agree compleeeetely. fox is so good, and then there's bill oreilly. and that shap guy, can't remember, the ugly guy thats on in the middle of the day for an hour. get rid of those two.

  5. craginm says:

    Another thing that's really got my knickers in a bunch lately is his frequent references to many parts of the Bible as merely allegory, and not the inspired word of God. There are many different interpretations of the Bible, and O’Reilly’s entitled to his, but he's been putting his theory out there as if it were Received Wisdom, from God's lips to O'Reilly's ears. I've even seen him press the argument on a guest who is a pastor (!), not even allowing him to express his view. Totally shut him off. Very unlovely, IMHO. Sounds like Billy-Boy is a Cafeteria Christian.

  6. rick says:

    It was more like a Freudian slip causing O'Reilly to accidentally reaveal his dark truth on tv.

  7. Grandmabb says:

    Bill O used to be 'Must See TV' in our house every night at 5:00, no longer. He is just another charlatan in a long line of such peddling his suspect wares to an audience hungry for anyone in public life to espouse a common sense, traditional POV that aligns with their own. I became disenchanted with him after 'Dildogate' and his alleged harassment of a female employee that he paid off.

  8. Guest says:

    When anyone allegorizes the Bible, that means they do not believe it is the Word of God. O'Reilly has also described Christianity as a philosophy–he insists on that above any suggestion otherwise. So when I heard O'Reilly describe the Bible and Christianity in that way, it follows that he would also call believers who want to quote the Bible as part of the conversation 'Bible thumpers.' I was not surprised by his remark, only that people keep looking to him to be this kind of advocate for the right. He cannot fulfil that role given what he clearly expresses. The fact that he is right on some things does not mean the audience should just shut up and put up with him. He is only an employee, like the rest of us. These shows only sometimes have something worthwhile to listen to. Shut them off if they do not have something of import to say and do not present it responsibly.

  9. task says:

    How can anyone thick that O'Reilly is a narcissist just because he thinks that Romney may not have lost if he had come on the Factor? LOL!

    He actually got Megyn Kelly and Krauthammer to agree with him. Loyalty trumped the facts. For years he could not bring himself to recognize that Obama was a socialist. Did he ever read his books or was he just too busy writing three of his own?

    We want him to lose his power? On the contrary; we would like him to be empowered with the truth, the facts and the Constitution. The folks get it; he doesn't.

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