Crooked UAW official sent to prison for stealing union dues - Jen Kuznicki
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Edward Robinson was convicted of stealing union members’ dues and spending the money on luxuries for UAW officials.

Detroit — A former United Auto Workers official who stole money from dues-paying members was sentenced to one year in federal prison Wednesday despite prosecutors urging he be spared for helping convict two former presidents and secure federal oversight of the beleaguered union.

The surprising sentence left Edward “Nick” Robinson sobbing, quivering, red-faced and gulping deep breaths while hanging his head after begging U.S. District Judge Paul Borman for a break.

Robinson pled guilty for taking money and splitting it with former UAW president Gary Jones. The money was reportedly “spent on private villas, lavish meals, golf, liquor and other luxuries.”

“I need to apologize to my union brothers,” Robinson said in a halting speech written on a piece of crumpled paper. “I failed them after 50 years. I will carry that burden the rest of my life, and God knows I am so sorry.”

I wrote about UAW corruption juxtaposed with the goals of GM in, “Striking GM workers caught between CORRUPT union leadership and risky CEO plans,” for a year and a half ago.

For ten years, Robinson stole money from union members and apparently had a deal with Jones.

In one conversation, Jones reiterated he would provide for the financial well-being of one of Robinson’s relatives if Robinson took sole responsibility for the cash embezzlement, prosecutors wrote.

What does Jones face? Not much, he His is supposed to be sentenced to less than four years in prison.