The Problem in Michigan and Saul Anuzis

Republican delegates from the State of Michigan will be meeting at Cobo Hall Saturday to, among other things, elect a National Committeeman and Committeewoman.

Anuzis is under fire from grassroots activists for what is perceived to be after the February 28th primary election here in Michigan.

Was the wrong? Not necessarily. Did he change the rules? Well, according to former AG Mike Cox, yes.

But the real problem is that Michigan moved up the primary to launch Mitt to Super Tuesday. Over-zealous committeeman aside, the whole fiasco can be attributed to Michigan voters basically rejecting the that Mitt was going to win.

When you have the entire establishment hanging on Mitt’s supposed strengths in Michigan, and a national committeeman about Mitt’s closest opponent gathering Reagan Democrat support as a “dirty trick” and “pathetic,” and then the next day looking like he changed the rules to favor his guy, people start to wonder.

That’s Saul Folks–
Pathetic: Democrats for Santorum – Dirty Tricks
Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Good morning —

As the Primary Election Day gets rolling this morning I felt it very important to pass along some extremely disturbing news out of the Rick Santorum campaign. It seems that he has chosen to throw his hat in with the Barack Obama, Democrats and union bosses…

Now that the primary is over, and Mitt is the nominee for all intents and purposes, many establishment Republicans are appalled that we should even be talking about any sense of impropriety surrounding the primary.

It didn’t have to be this way.

Now if you take Saul’s word, you would believe that the memo sent to the campaigns regarding a 15-15 split in delegate allocation was in error, and that upon realizing this, the credentials committee convened to re-vote on a rule already voted upon, and to point out the error in the memo.

Four party people voted that the rules voted upon on February 4th were intact and the memo was in error. One of the persons who reportedly would have voted against that view was uninformed of the meeting until after the vote.

The thing that sticks in my mind, is that two accomplished lawyers, one, the sitting MRP counsel, and the other, the former AG of Michigan DISAGREED with Anuzis and the other party people.

It’s just one delegate. What’s all the fuss?

Well, all the fuss is that tea party activists are paying close attention after being told we had little to do with the victories in Michigan for the Republican Party in 2010.

Saul has been challenged by former State Legislator. Saul has been attacking Agema for things he voted on in the legislature, as evidence that he would be a terrible committeeman. Meanwhile, as a committeeman, Saul voted on things he claims were innocent clarifications after-the-fact.

Delegates will decide Saturday whether he stays in his position.

One thing is clear. Tea party activists are the conscience of the Republican Party.

Special Thanks to Right Michigan’s for such thorough work on this matter.

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