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Involving or Relating to Knowledge

Warmer Manzi’s big word of the day: Epistemic ep·i·ste·mic : involving or relating to knowledge Jim Manzi had a hard time understanding Liberty and Tyranny, so he tried to take a swipe at Mark Levin, the book’s author. His post on NRO’s the corner, that criticized the portion of Liberty and Tyranny, ‘On Enviro-Statism’ received [...]

CK McLeod’s swipe at Steyn

I read Mark Steyn’s peice on taxation, called, Tax Season.  I read Steyn every Sunday. I checked Hot Air this morning and a man named CK McLeod took Steyn to the woodshed on his argument that the bulk of the nation’s populace will soon be paying less and less in federal taxes. CK doesn’t like [...]

Stupak’s Tawas Town Hall

Tawas Town Hall I noticed a few things.  Stupak only said the word individual once.  He also said that he was willing to compromise his principles because he has before. Reconciliation for Stupak means I get some of what I want, and give on other issues.  Which is precisely why he is not pro-life. We [...]

Enough’s Enough

Last night at a Service Club meeting, the committee chair for Feeding the Poor had something to say. Every month she gives a report on the needy, and provides suggestions that the organization considers to help. For quite some time, the community has been very giving.  As unemployment increased nationally, so has the donations to [...]

If You Are Running For Office, And You Degrade Ronald Reagan, You Are One Of Two Things

Ronald Reagan bashers are either Liberals or Ron Paul kooks. It amazes me how similar Ron Paul followers are to liberals. What I cannot understand is why they think they are going to win an election running as Republicans while bashing the greatest Republican President in recent history? This is the second time I listened [...]

The American Rebel

Things are starting to not go so well for the Obama Administration.  In order to combat the negative feelings of the public, the Administration is planning on ignoring them completely. The American public doesn’t want the Healthcare takeover, so the Administration is considering an Executive Order. The American public doesn’t want Gitmo to close, so [...]

Tim Tebow’s Super Bowl Ad and The Freaks that Oppose it.

What are they afraid of? Every “pro-choice” blogger and half-wit out there is throwing a flag at CBS’s decision to run a pro-life ad during the Super Bowl.  They are all afraid it will sway public opinion. Tim Tebow, a Heisman Trophy-winning American football quarterback for the Florida Gators, was born in 1987 when his [...]

Stupid Women in Politics

Two women who are considered “gettable.” The Healthcare Legislation in the Senate is following the path that the Democrats have chosen for all the legislation under the Obama Administration this year. First, they tell you exactly what they want, then chop off the most abhorrent pieces of controlling legislation to get you to say yes. [...]

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