The American Rebel | Jen Kuznicki

Things are starting to not go so well for the Obama Administration.  In order to combat the negative feelings of the public, the Administration is planning on ignoring them completely.

The American public doesn’t want the Healthcare takeover, so the Administration is considering an Executive Order.

The American public doesn’t want Gitmo to close, so the Administration is trying to convince us that a 20% terrorist recidivism rate is “not bad.”

The American public is skeptical of global warming, so the Administration is using the EPA to force business out of business.

The American public is monumentally concerned with the National Debt, so the Administration has raised the debt ceiling.

The American public is concerned over a nuclear Iran, so the Administration decides to announce plans for an American Nuclear Power Plant.

And on and on.  The Administration listens to what the people say, and then does the opposite.

All these actions and more are turning hard-working, peace-loving Americans to rebellion.  I would argue that is is a natural progression.

The American Rebel rebels naturally.  When told to do something, the Rebel asks “Why?”  When the answer isn’t good enough, the Rebel says, “Make me.”  When the Rebel is told how to do something, he says, “I’ll do it my way.”  If he is denied the choice, he says, “Watch me.”  He naturally pushes back.

The American Rebel is sensitive to insult.  Every word used and every look given and every use of body language is gauged.  Every tone of voice, every line drawn and every word omitted is flagged.  He remembers every slight.

The American Rebel relies upon himself.  He won’t do what you want him to do because you want him to do it.  It’s that simple.  And no amount of coercion, pleading, or threats will make him.

So, the Administration can and apparently will continue down it’s path of thumbing it’s nose at the American people, in the mean time creating a rebellion Americans are uniquely suited to perform.

The exercise of not obeying.


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