A Change in Leadership Is Needed in Michigan’s First

I received an email yesterday from someone who claimed to be from the Alpena County GOP.  Even though I left the Michigan GOP a year ago this week, I still receive mass mailings, notices from the party, as if I were still the chair of my county.  The email is a part of the circus that takes place directly prior to convention, and my memory races back to the tactics and games played by the usual clowns who use extensive email lists to whip up outrage or scorn right before voting for leadership of the Republican Party.

The First District of Michigan has been nick-named the “Fighting First” due to the number of conservatives of different stripes and their eagerness to debate.  When you sit back and watch, it is invigorating to know there is such a vast number of patriots who will fight for what is right.

When the district voted for Jesse Osmer to be the chair, conservatives began to feel the vicious nature of unprincipled, authoritarian management that Jesse has organized and executed these past years.  Nationally, party bosses are purging conservatives, and Jesse’s work in the First is no different.  Packing proxy voters on secret phone meetings of the district, misdirecting conservatives to the call-in time or changing the number, rushing votes, proposing bylaw changes that silence the voices of a vast geographical district, and more.  With Jesse at the helm, dissent is noted and targeted for retribution.

This is not a conservative trait.  Vengeance and punishment for a difference of opinion is the mark of leftism.

Conservatives, or classic liberals, welcome all ideas, but rely on the good sense of voters after a vigorous debate is held.  Totalitarian minds need to control people through bully tactics and lies in order to push an agenda that would displease the populace.

Back to the email.

Supposedly, someone in Alpena has raised questions about the sexual orientation of a person in the First District who happens to be Jesse Osmer’s best buddy.  But nobody in the Alpena GOP wrote that email, except perhaps Jesse.  There are people in Alpena Jesse would like to blame just about anything on, because they know his tactics most intimately, including just this past county convention, when he lied about which delegates have priority, thwarting his wish for a packed slate that would benefit him.

Of the many emails I receive, I can look up the ip address of the person sending the email, tracing where their computer is, in every case except that email.  That email, from someone named “Dick” had the ip in the header blocked, meaning, that they purposely covered their tracks.  Regular people don’t do that, usually it is done by political operatives who place political hit-pieces, and send them via mass email lists.  The suspicions of most conservatives in response to the email is that it’s the work, once again of the Osmer group, focusing on the establishment’s perceived view of conservatives as “gay-bashers” and trying to gin up a sympathy vote for the fella who never passes up the chance to remind you of his sexual preference.

After years of all of us conservatives defending Dave Agema’s freedom of speech, “Dick” just now wanted to let you all know about Londo.  As if we didn’t know after he has repeatedly attacked Agema and made national news focusing on his own sexual preference.

But it is not Londo’s sexual preference that is the issue, and that he constantly uses it to gain advantage or election, isn’t the real point either.  He is complicit in Osmer’s heavy hand in the district, consistently purging and belittling conservatives, secretly hating them for how he thinks we think about him.

A few years ago, Londo, Osmer, and Mick, Benishek’s step-son and leader of his campaign, and I were all in a room.  I told Mick what I thought of Benishek’s crappy voting record, and during the discussion, Londo laughed and said, “Republicans have to get rid of the social issues.”  Funny, isn’t it, that the only ones who bring up the social issues are the ones using them against us to divide us.

Politics can be very dangerous to a soul.  If you find you excel at it, you have to decide what you will and will not do to push your influence.  Some get caught up in winning at all costs, and they sell their soul quite cheap.  With all the madness of the Obama years, there should be no question that Republicans stand on principle, their platform, and with transparency, invite all comers to join in the glorious debate of where the party will be headed.  It is the conservatives that promote unity when in power, it is conservatives that promote transparency and fairness.  It is a family-friendly atmosphere when conservatives fight for what is right, good and true.

That’s why I strongly urge the delegates of Michigan’s Fighting First to elect Adrian Poulisse for District Chair.  Adrian is a veteran, and wonderful family man with a fine wife and cute little ones he always brings to every event, but he is also a strong conservative who likes people and makes people want to help in the cause.  A happy warrior, Adrian follows through on communications and isn’t constantly paranoid about who listens in on phone calls because his efforts are always for more transparency, more information, and better representation of the views of the entire district’s grassroots, not the machinations of top-down party control.

If America is to get on the right path, the Republican Party must welcome diversity of thoughts, rather than religious shaming and political correctness run amok.  And if the Michigan Republican Party has any hope to succeed as a party that stands for something, more people like Adrian Poulisse need to be elected in the party structure.

Tom Backers, a fella I used to butt heads with, is a good man.  We have become friends since the wild arguments and debates of 2010, and he has stayed in the party.  The other day I noticed a conservative slate on his Facebook wall and will share it here.  You can click on the list and it will open a new window so you can print it.  I encourage all Michigan First District delegates and alternates to use this tool, not only to vote for conservatives, but also to find the people running when you are at convention and thank them for doing so.

conservative slate


Adrian as chair would make me reconsider joining the party once again. A change in attitude at the top always changes the attitudes and the welcoming disposition of the party everywhere.

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Ron Paul Delegates Chosen For Tampa In Michigan

There is a lot of misinformation out there regarding the Republican convention this weekend and how many delegates were chosen to go to Tampa who are Paultards.

Yes, I’m going to call you Paultards, you Paultards, because that’s what you are. After witnessing what happened this weekend at the convention, I cannot stress enough how disgusted I am at your dishonesty and loathsome tactics, suitable for Democrat politics.

First to clear up the stupidity spread by Paultards on every blog I’ve read regarding the selection of delegates at the county conventions.

Paultards are whining that they didn’t get to be selected as delegates to the Detroit convention if they weren’t already a precinct delegate in their respective counties. This said it on his blog:

Michigan, unlike any other states I know of, had a special party rule forbidding any precinct delegate vacancies from being filled at county conventions until after the state delegates and alternates were chosen.

That rule is in place to stop a complete takeover of the party by people like the Paultards. They have almost zero to do with the party, call us warmongers and hate Reagan, and get all pissy they can’t take over. Listen up, Paul kooks, the rule is that if you are a precinct delegate, you have preference as a delegate, and if you aren’t you lose to the precinct delegate. What was your dream? That you show up to the county convention, having nothing to do with the party, then get elevated because you graced us with your presence, and then get your buddies to vote for you to get in as a delegate? Dummies.

Now that that is out of the way, I want to share what happened in my district caucus to show what the Ron Paul people did to become delegates to Tampa. There are numerous reports that between 6 and 31 delegates and alternates were chosen to go to Tampa to try to deny Mitt Romney enough delegates to become the nominee and to force a brokered convention, and at the very least, change the party platform.

During the caucus, rules already in place were immediately motioned to be changed and replaced with others. The Paultard who did this at my district caucus wished to have the 31 hopefuls who filled out paperwork to be delegates to Tampa, have 3 minutes to speak, and be voted in via roll call, (a show of hands.) The rules already in place gave each hopeful a minute to speak, and were to be voted upon via secret ballot. Another part of the motion included a rule already in place which was that the highest vote-getter would be the first voting delegate, the second highest vote-getter would be the second voting delegate, the third highest would be the third non-voting delegate (due to the RNC penalty for moving up the primary) and then the next top three vote-getters as alternate mates to the top three.

Obviously, voting by a show of hands is bs because you don’t know who is a delegate and who is an alternate, who has two hands up and so on. After much contention, the motion was denied, and subsequent motions reaffirmed the rules already in place.

Then, as each hopeful got up to speak, the most mainstream conservative rhetoric was used so that if you did not know each one personally, you would think they were normal people. Unfortunately, none of them used the familiar buzz words of audit the fed, legalize drugs and prostitution, screw Israel, 9/11 was an inside job, you know, the obvious stuff. As a result, 5 of the 6 in our district are said to be confirmed Paultards.

But speaking with the heads of other districts that evening, I found that perhaps 7 total voting delegates were Paul kooks. I can find no evidence that up to 31 could be of that persuasion unless the man who reported it was using total numbers against actual delegates.

In Michigan, each of the 14 districts elected 6 people. Three delegates, one of which is non-voting, and three alternates. So only two will actually vote in Tampa from each district unless the RNC reverses the rule. Now, it could be that of those 84 people, 31 are Paultards, but only 6 or 7 are actually voting delegates. But there is no way that 31 of the 44 total delegates are Paultards.

So what that means is that the very motivated Paultards will show up in Tampa, be loud and empowered like never before, forcing people like me to sit and watch at home, continuously muttering how stupid the Republican elite can be to reject mainstream conservatism at every turn, and provide a seat at the table to these poisonous idiots.

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