Blame the Spending-Psychoneurotic Democrats

“Waaaah! We are going to go over the cliff and it’s the Republican’s fault because they won’t give us more of your money. Waaaah!” whines Harry Reid.

Yet another interesting point that should be on the front page of the nation’s papers: Did you know that there are more women head of households in the group of people Obama and Reid want to target than men head of households? Since the census only has data from $200,000 and over, we can’t be completely sure, but since when has the nation’s propaganda arm of the administration cared about being completely sure? In a nation with the goal of total equality, the headlines should read, Obama Proposes Higher Taxes on $250,000 Income and Higher; American Women and Children Hardest Hit.

Ahh, to dream…

Meanwhile, Bill Kristol shows how out of touch he is by saying, “You know, a lot of the tea party guys don’t care that much if a few millionaires pay a couple percent more in taxes, honestly.”

Then the tea party folks were the only ones who stood firm on principle, and sent Boehner’s plan to raise taxes on millionaires to the dust bin.

Huh. Go figure.

It’s good to hear that John Boehner has been likened to that of a dictator, even if for the wrong reasons.  Considering his, ‘my way or the highway’ approach to leadership, John’s lifetime achievement award will consist of a plaque inscribed with the words, “Because I said so.”  Reid says that if Johnny-boy just would’ve let the House vote, the millionaire tax hike of ’13 would be able to be ignored in the Senate by now.

Leave Johnny alone, Harry.  He cries sometimes too.

Then of course, who can ignore Timmy Geithner, who just now figured out that not only is a crisis a terrible thing to waste, (oh, we do so miss our Rahm,) it’s even better to scare the piss out of everyone and push the debt ceiling issue in with the, ‘not gonna stop spending’ issue.

I, for once, disagree with Sarah Palin.  I believe we should continue the decades-old tradition of making fun of politicians who disrespect us, and call them names.  Wussies?  Heck yeah.  Add pansies, chickens, cowards, lily-livered, yellow-bellied, weak-kneed, wimpy, and gutless.  We da boss, LaTourette.

But let’s not stop there, call the ones who stood with steel spines and did not back down, courageous, bold, heroic and strong.

Where is the unity?…

So the thug with a suit and tie comes back from Hawaii singing, “Mele Kalikimaka…where’s my money you useless Republicans?”  When, in truth, he gets his money if the House does nothing.

Seriously, I’m certain that this game in Washington DC being played by players of games is extremely offensive to most Americans.  And by Americans, I mean people who love America, not what it has become.

In effect, Obama is threatening, “If you Republicans don’t increase taxes on thousandaires and millionaires and billionaires, I’m going to increase taxes on thousandaires and millionaires and billionaires, we can’t wait.”  And the papers say, “The Republicans wouldn’t raise taxes, so we blame them for raising taxes.”

We are led to believe that the only people who can afford a tax increase make $250,001 and over.  No wait, $400,001 and over.  Well, what about Jack and Diane?

Jack is an engineer in his 40’s.  He met Diane when she was going through nursing school, and she is now working as a neo-natal nurse in one of the nation’s best hospitals. Together, they make about $275,000. They have two kids, one in the first year of college, the other a high school junior. They have a nice home that isn’t near worth what they paid for it, and they have some investments and business interests as well, that are not doing so well in Obama’s economy.

Whatever happens in DC in the next few days, their taxes on both their income and investments are going up. They work 45-60 hours per week each to keep their lifestyle, but in the last few years, the budget has been getting inflated because of the price of gas and food and insurance, and of course college tuition and extras, so they have been drawing a bit heavy on their line of credit at the bank. The line of credit was started when they had the addition put on the house a few years back, and it has swelled from $32,000 to $64,000. Their credit cards have gotten a bit out of control, when the kids were little, it was easy to pay them off every month, but now they have been only paying the minimum.

If the bank increases their line of credit, and they do not stop spending as if the economy is trucking along beautifully, they will hit the increased maximum in no time. Same with the credit cards.

So they talk to one financial advisor  and he tells them they have to either come up with more income, or, risk losing their home and go into bankruptcy.

So, being a fine neo-natal nurse in one of the best hospitals the nation has, Diane picks up a weekly gig teaching nursing students. She now has about $10,000 more income. Jack found a way to increase his income as well, and they make $295,000 per year.

They make more than they ever have, and the economy is the same, and they are spending more, because they have to spend more money when they have less time. Dianne isn’t home two nights a week, and Jack has extra meetings with business interests, so they don’t see much of one another and everybody gets a bite to eat on the fly.

They have been able to put a little more on the credit cards, but there is still a hefty balance, as well as the line of credit sitting there like a lump. But it gains interest.

They go to another financial advisor who shows them how much money flexibility they would have if they didn’t have all the payments. “Make a budget,” he said, “based on your last three months of spending, then cut everything by 5%. Work that budget for three months, and I’ll bet you won’t miss much, then, you can cut another 5%. Then start paying off these cards and loans.”

Pleased with a new goal and a new appreciation for their limits, Jack asked if Diane could quit her extra job. “No,” the financial adviser said, “not yet, you’ll need that income to pay for your new taxes.”

It doesn’t matter if you start at $1 million per year or $87,000, most everybody lives according to their means, until outside forces force them to change their habits. Had Obama cared about Jack and Diane, he wouldn’t force them to reach their debt limit, then take more money from them. Then again, if Obama cared at all for the American people, he wouldn’t have spent their children’s money already.

We are already over the financial cliff. Right now, the Obama administration and Harry Reid are shaking down the American people for more dough. That’s really all they are, thugs in suits and ties. Increasing revenue doesn’t fix the problem, so that is what Obama and Reid are focused on. It doesn’t fix the problem, so that’s why they want it. The only way to fix the problem is to cut spending. But that isn’t even part of the plan.

Increasing taxes on Jack and Diane doesn’t help anyone. They have to pay the tax man instead of the bank or the violinist who could be giving their daughter lessons. The violinist needs the extra income to pay his taxes too, if he could just get out from under his mortgage….

Debt is a killer. It makes life unbearable, because no matter how much you work, you have nothing to show for it. It does not matter how much money you make. Again, it does not matter how much money you make. If you make $30,000 a year, you can go bankrupt just as easily as if you make $2 million a year. You spent the money on God-knows-what, and now you have to pay the bills. And if you don’t stop spending, you will always be a slave to the payments.

The only people in DC that are focusing on the problem are the tea party folks. John Boehner isn’t, neither is Reid or Obama. Some leadership.

Spring will be here in a few months, and Obama will be talking about infrastructure jobs and so on. He’ll be proposing more spending. Jack and Diane won’t dare buy anything new in a very long time, and that is how Obama wants it.

We are a nation enslaved by debt.  The Democrats had both houses of congress and the Presidency from 2009-2011, and now that the people have put responsible people in the House, the Democrats in DC continue to play games with the lives of people who have problems of their own.

So I don’t really care if it’s immature or improper, or the recently accepted term, “hate-speak” I’m going to call the Democrats in DC what they are: thugs, bullies, crooks, felons, liars, tax-cheats, perps, pickpockets, racketeers, swindlers, thieves, highwaymen, malefactors, pervs, immoral, unethical, unscrupulous psycho-neurotics.



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