Blame the Spending-Psychoneurotic Democrats

“Waaaah! We are going to go over the cliff and it’s the Republican’s fault because they won’t give us more of your money. Waaaah!” whines Harry Reid.

Yet another interesting point that should be on the front page of the nation’s papers: Did you know that there are more women head of households in the group of people Obama and Reid want to target than men head of households? Since the census only has data from $200,000 and over, we can’t be completely sure, but since when has the nation’s propaganda arm of the administration cared about being completely sure? In a nation with the goal of total equality, the headlines should read, Obama Proposes Higher Taxes on $250,000 Income and Higher; American Women and Children Hardest Hit.

Ahh, to dream…

Meanwhile, Bill Kristol shows how out of touch he is by saying, “You know, a lot of the tea party guys don’t care that much if a few millionaires pay a couple percent more in taxes, honestly.”

Then the tea party folks were the only ones who stood firm on principle, and sent Boehner’s plan to raise taxes on millionaires to the dust bin.

Huh. Go figure.

It’s good to hear that John Boehner has been likened to that of a dictator, even if for the wrong reasons.  Considering his, ‘my way or the highway’ approach to leadership, John’s lifetime achievement award will consist of a plaque inscribed with the words, “Because I said so.”  Reid says that if Johnny-boy just would’ve let the House vote, the millionaire tax hike of ’13 would be able to be ignored in the Senate by now.

Leave Johnny alone, Harry.  He cries sometimes too.

Then of course, who can ignore Timmy Geithner, who just now figured out that not only is a crisis a terrible thing to waste, (oh, we do so miss our Rahm,) it’s even better to scare the piss out of everyone and push the debt ceiling issue in with the, ‘not gonna stop spending’ issue.

I, for once, disagree with Sarah Palin.  I believe we should continue the decades-old tradition of making fun of politicians who disrespect us, and call them names.  Wussies?  Heck yeah.  Add pansies, chickens, cowards, lily-livered, yellow-bellied, weak-kneed, wimpy, and gutless.  We da boss, LaTourette.

But let’s not stop there, call the ones who stood with steel spines and did not back down, courageous, bold, heroic and strong.

Where is the unity?…

So the thug with a suit and tie comes back from Hawaii singing, “Mele Kalikimaka…where’s my money you useless Republicans?”  When, in truth, he gets his money if the House does nothing.

Seriously, I’m certain that this game in Washington DC being played by players of games is extremely offensive to most Americans.  And by Americans, I mean people who love America, not what it has become.

In effect, Obama is threatening, “If you Republicans don’t increase taxes on thousandaires and millionaires and billionaires, I’m going to increase taxes on thousandaires and millionaires and billionaires, we can’t wait.”  And the papers say, “The Republicans wouldn’t raise taxes, so we blame them for raising taxes.”

We are led to believe that the only people who can afford a tax increase make $250,001 and over.  No wait, $400,001 and over.  Well, what about Jack and Diane?

Jack is an engineer in his 40’s.  He met Diane when she was going through nursing school, and she is now working as a neo-natal nurse in one of the nation’s best hospitals. Together, they make about $275,000. They have two kids, one in the first year of college, the other a high school junior. They have a nice home that isn’t near worth what they paid for it, and they have some investments and business interests as well, that are not doing so well in Obama’s economy.

Whatever happens in DC in the next few days, their taxes on both their income and investments are going up. They work 45-60 hours per week each to keep their lifestyle, but in the last few years, the budget has been getting inflated because of the price of gas and food and insurance, and of course college tuition and extras, so they have been drawing a bit heavy on their line of credit at the bank. The line of credit was started when they had the addition put on the house a few years back, and it has swelled from $32,000 to $64,000. Their credit cards have gotten a bit out of control, when the kids were little, it was easy to pay them off every month, but now they have been only paying the minimum.

If the bank increases their line of credit, and they do not stop spending as if the economy is trucking along beautifully, they will hit the increased maximum in no time. Same with the credit cards.

So they talk to one financial advisor  and he tells them they have to either come up with more income, or, risk losing their home and go into bankruptcy.

So, being a fine neo-natal nurse in one of the best hospitals the nation has, Diane picks up a weekly gig teaching nursing students. She now has about $10,000 more income. Jack found a way to increase his income as well, and they make $295,000 per year.

They make more than they ever have, and the economy is the same, and they are spending more, because they have to spend more money when they have less time. Dianne isn’t home two nights a week, and Jack has extra meetings with business interests, so they don’t see much of one another and everybody gets a bite to eat on the fly.

They have been able to put a little more on the credit cards, but there is still a hefty balance, as well as the line of credit sitting there like a lump. But it gains interest.

They go to another financial advisor who shows them how much money flexibility they would have if they didn’t have all the payments. “Make a budget,” he said, “based on your last three months of spending, then cut everything by 5%. Work that budget for three months, and I’ll bet you won’t miss much, then, you can cut another 5%. Then start paying off these cards and loans.”

Pleased with a new goal and a new appreciation for their limits, Jack asked if Diane could quit her extra job. “No,” the financial adviser said, “not yet, you’ll need that income to pay for your new taxes.”

It doesn’t matter if you start at $1 million per year or $87,000, most everybody lives according to their means, until outside forces force them to change their habits. Had Obama cared about Jack and Diane, he wouldn’t force them to reach their debt limit, then take more money from them. Then again, if Obama cared at all for the American people, he wouldn’t have spent their children’s money already.

We are already over the financial cliff. Right now, the Obama administration and Harry Reid are shaking down the American people for more dough. That’s really all they are, thugs in suits and ties. Increasing revenue doesn’t fix the problem, so that is what Obama and Reid are focused on. It doesn’t fix the problem, so that’s why they want it. The only way to fix the problem is to cut spending. But that isn’t even part of the plan.

Increasing taxes on Jack and Diane doesn’t help anyone. They have to pay the tax man instead of the bank or the violinist who could be giving their daughter lessons. The violinist needs the extra income to pay his taxes too, if he could just get out from under his mortgage….

Debt is a killer. It makes life unbearable, because no matter how much you work, you have nothing to show for it. It does not matter how much money you make. Again, it does not matter how much money you make. If you make $30,000 a year, you can go bankrupt just as easily as if you make $2 million a year. You spent the money on God-knows-what, and now you have to pay the bills. And if you don’t stop spending, you will always be a slave to the payments.

The only people in DC that are focusing on the problem are the tea party folks. John Boehner isn’t, neither is Reid or Obama. Some leadership.

Spring will be here in a few months, and Obama will be talking about infrastructure jobs and so on. He’ll be proposing more spending. Jack and Diane won’t dare buy anything new in a very long time, and that is how Obama wants it.

We are a nation enslaved by debt.  The Democrats had both houses of congress and the Presidency from 2009-2011, and now that the people have put responsible people in the House, the Democrats in DC continue to play games with the lives of people who have problems of their own.

So I don’t really care if it’s immature or improper, or the recently accepted term, “hate-speak” I’m going to call the Democrats in DC what they are: thugs, bullies, crooks, felons, liars, tax-cheats, perps, pickpockets, racketeers, swindlers, thieves, highwaymen, malefactors, pervs, immoral, unethical, unscrupulous psycho-neurotics.



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Levin: Peabrain Obama doesn’t know what the debt totals, and won’t do anything about it if reelected. That’s big!

On Wednesday night, Mark Levin played audio of the recent Letterman Show that Obama attended as a guest. Obama has been widely criticized for making time for Letterman, but not for Netanyahu.

Many pundits focused on the things Obama said during the interview, but Mark Levin heard something that nobody picked up on, except for him.

While responding to a question Letterman posed about the national debt, Obama said,

“But, we don’t have to worry about it short term, right now interest rates are low because people still consider the United States the safest and greatest country on earth, rightfully so, but, it is a problem long term, and even medium term.”

Mark Levin responded,

“Couple of things. Why don’t we have to worry about it short term? We have to worry about it, period. Obama’s creating massive, massive deficits, year after year. So we don’t have to worry about it, why, because he’s creating them? This is what we mean when we say the government is monetizing the debt. The government is issuing debt to cover debt! And the government is printing money regardless of how many of you buy treasury bills. But the big story in this comment is, you don’t have to worry about the debt in the short term. In other words, if he’s reelected, he’s not gonna worry about the debt. That’s big. Very big.”

You can hear the segment from the Mark Levin Show below.

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Levin: The Government Is Devouring Society

In Ameritopia, Mark Levin writes about how large the United States Federal Government is. From taxation, spending and debt, to regulations and entitlements, the federal government is now devouring the private sector. It is taking no time at all to quicken it’s pace, and we are being governed by rulers instead of representatives of ourselves.

On May 22nd, Mark stated that the government is devouring our society. It causes one to register a graphic image of a beast tearing our society up and devouring us one by one until one day, we no longer exist as a people.


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Slow-Jamming the Economy

A while ago, my husband won a $300 bet. He was at a stag party where the host had a contest going on the question of how long it would take for an engine in an old pickup to seize up after it had been drained of oil. Thirty guys picked a time and they started the truck. The truck ran without lubrication for 7 minutes and 36 seconds. My husband was off by 2 seconds. He admits it was a wild guess, but the story shocked me, and prompted me to check the oil in my truck. I figured it would take longer.

When Barack Obama appeared on the entertainment show “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” he performed a “slow-jam” with Fallon focusing on congress and student loans. Proud of the performance, the President tweeted,

Watch it.

The style of song used made me think. While there is slow growth in the economy, the slow so-called recovery where unemployment is high, mortgages are higher than they are worth, gasoline prices are high, the deficit is astronomical, and the debt is unimaginable, the President is pitting the young, who don’t understand how the economy works, against the wealthy, who have figured it out. Slow-jamming the economy by using scare tactics and jealousy on purpose.

It was a partisan attack on the GOP by NBC, and the President of the United States of America to influence college-age youth to hate the Republicans, depicted here as being only for the rich, and against getting a college education for America’s youth. It was disgusting, filled with complete lies and outright propaganda, all done to a down-tempo R&B style music genre while Fallon attacks Republicans, and serves as a shill for this liar in chief.

Rush Limbaugh called it, “beneath the office of the presidency,” nothing more than an unfunny attempt “to show that he’s hip.”

Sure, it’s beneath the office, but since when did Barack Obama care about the office of the presidency? He has been systematically tearing down everything centered on tradition and propriety since he was elected. In fact, the argument could be made that few recent Democrat Presidents have ever had a respect for the office. Weren’t we told during the Clinton Presidency that we mustn’t speak ill of him because we must have respect for the office? They will use the office any damn way they please.

And this President is using the office in a down-tempo economy to illicit hatred and anger for those trying to keep enough lubrication in the engine to keep it from seizing. Money in the hands of consumers and jobs to earn it are what lubricates the economy. With massive debt looming and high unemployment, there aren’t “happy customers buying things,” there is instead, fear, worry, bankruptcy and stress.

My point is that without tackling the debt, this economy, the engine of the world, won’t take long to seize, or ‘jam.’ And the President, during this “slow-jam” rules out the debt problem as if it is a silly notion, made by rich education-haters.

My question is, “is the economy on minute 4:37 or 1:56 or 7:24?”

During the Debt Ceiling argument last year, conservatives were screaming, “shut it down!” and were laughed off by most of the political class as trying to get the GOP blamed for a government shut down. It reminded me of that engine, and that unless we are purposefully trying to figure out how long it will take to shut down on it’s own, we ought to shut it down because the outcome will be inevitable as a matter of fact.

With over-the-top arrogance, President Barack Obama abuses and insults the ill-educated youth of this society, while middle America wonders how long it will take for this slow-jam to seize abruptly.

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Answering the Liberal

I have a liberal on my site, sliming it up. At least he is following the rules, calling me Mrs. K, and leaving an email address.

His latest comment on Mindblowing Graphs That Show America Closer To Greece Than You Think, is strange.

In a previous comment he said that conservatives are sore losers, that conservatives have outsourced the entire manufacturing sector, the same tripe that liberals say all over the blogosphere on a daily basis.

But this comment asks me to produce something, and I just happen to have what he’s looking for.

Please Mrs. K
Look at a graph from your source dated 2006, or 2000, or 1990. I guarantee you will find the same socialist trend. As you see it. Show me some data to support there has been some drastic change the past 3 years.That says socialist. Besides you sore losers. Willing to lose all integrity an deceive to attain votes. You have no candidate. Obama will win again.
I can’t wait to see your article on voter suppression.

Here is some data to support that there has been some drastic change in the past 3 years.

That says socialist.

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Mindblowing Graphs That Show America Closer To Greece Than You Think

The has an article explaining the European Debt Crisis in simple graphs. They try to explain what kind of mess Europe is in, and they include America in their graphs. I think the real story here is how close we are to this disaster in Europe.

Our public sector is very large, and some would say that considering the size of our economy, it really isn’t, but we aren’t talking about basic government here, so let’s get real. The fact is that the government is too big, way too big, and this issue comes up this very week. Congress is fighting over a measly stupid over-hyped payroll tax cut for “working families” which amounts to gramma and grampa not getting a cola increase for the third year in a row in their social security checks, just so Obama and the Democrats can call the Republicans tax-hikers. The Republicans are trying to attach the extension of the payroll tax holiday to a freeze, not a cut, a freeze on government pay. Guess who wins? Nobody, and the government keeps on growing.

This graph is amazing because as the CSM points out, the Euro Union has a debt threshold of 60% of GDP. It’s right there in the rules, they make rules that they don’t follow, and apparently we have no one in government who can make this connection here in the States. While the graph is trying to show the irresponsibility of the Eurozone, can we please look in the mirror? Our GDP is 100% of our debt! No way would anyone lend money to us in our households if debt was equal to producible wealth.

Spain is getting rid of their socialists and we have to as well, and stop playing games with words. Obama is a socialist. In the graph, the lines all draw up sharply at about the same time, but look how close we are to Greece! This graph combined with the first should show that we are headed for riots in the streets.

Working under the table will grow in America as soon as the increase in taxes hit.

There could be some good news if Americans go the right way. With the amount of people out of work, there is a decision that has to be made. Either you hold out your hand while the nation drowns in debt, or you open a business, apply a trade, learn a skill, or manufacture something, because right now, America doesn’t produce enough stuff.

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Obama Calls America Lazy For The Third Time

What our current President says about America is one of the main reasons most of us cannot wait to vote him out in 2012. The big news today is that ,

“But we’ve been a little bit lazy, I think, over the last couple of decades,’’ the president said. “We’ve kind of taken for granted — well, people will want to come here and we aren’t out there hungry, selling America and trying to attract new business into America.”

Heap that comment

“We have lost our ambition, our imagination, and our willingness to do the things that built the Golden Gate Bridge and Hoover Dam and unleashed all the potential in this country,” he said.

And on top it off with

“People felt opportunities were constricted for the next generation,” he said. “This is a great country that has gotten a little soft. We’re getting back on track. I would not trade our position with anybody on Earth. When you meet these young people who are so talented, they give you confidence they are going to help us figure it out.”

In every instance the President is saying that we, as Americans are not increasing government enough to suit his taste.

Our national debt equals gdp.

Unemployment continues to hover around 9%.

The President wants congress to spend more money, and raise more taxes.

We have to defeat this man and all his cronies in DC.

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Benton Harbor Turnaround

I watched this weekend, a half-hour political talk show in Michigan, hosted by Michigan political reporter, Tim Skubic. Usually liberal and fast-paced, Off The Record deals with the downstate politics that rule the rest of us.

Part of the discussion was with Representative Al Pscholka, the new Republican representative of Benton Harbor, who took some grilling about the emergency financial manager that has now turned Benton Harbor around in 6 short months. A controversial law was passed in April, criticized by liberals and libertarians alike, that allowed for the State to take over local control of municipalities and schools that were in financial ruin.

It’s pretty difficult to deny the numbers. In April of this year, Benton Harbor, a town of 10,000, with 9 commissioners and 4 wards, had a deficit of $4 million dollars and debt of $17 million. The city was begging the State to advance them over $100,000 to cover overdraft fees on city paychecks that were written regardless of their checking balance. Money was spread over many accounts, much of it missing, and the pension funds were not properly accounted for. Representative Pscholka said that now, the budget is balanced , all the money is where it is supposed to be, and they are even looking at a $400,000 surplus.

But facts never stop liberal arguments against financial stability. Petitions are being circulated to call a referendum on the emergency financial manager law, and Pscholka is facing recall as well.

When the reporters around the table of Off The Record begin to try to argue against the law, they bring up the fact that unions are against it, on the basis that the emergency manager can modify or reject union contracts, that the emergency manager can call for a dissolution of a school district, which he cannot do, and that all of this is basically giving up democracy, and the right to vote.

The emergency manager, Joe Harris has filed ballot language that would force the 9 commissioners to ask for votes city-wide rather than what has been the case, where one commissioner only needs 40 votes to get into another 4-year term. Additional ballot language would turn the 4-year terms into 2-year terms.

Now for a taste of what type of language is used against fiscal sanity. In July, the that the city was no better off, despite the surplus.

“We have seen literally a poverty pimp who is coming in and literally pimping the people. That’s what’s happening,” argued Commissioner Duane Seats. “You look at the town hall meetings that are basically a puppeteer meeting that you [Harris] don’t answer any questions. The citizens are basically told what’s going to happen.”

That is the argument, despite the council approving every step of Harris’ plan.

At a , some of the prospective candidates for office gathered with about 30 people in attendence, and more of the same type of language against financial soundness took place.

Mayor Wilce Cooke, mayoral write-in candidate Dennis Knowles, 1st Ward Commissioner Eddie Marshall, 2nd Ward candidate Trenton Bowens and Commissioner-at-large candidate Mary Alice Adams took part.

Knowles said the law “takes people out of the equation” and Cooke called Public Act 4 “a real travesty” and said it will put the citizens “right back in slavery.”

Unbelievably, the mayor offered,

….Benton Harbor is no different than any other city in Michigan.

“They all have problems. We’ll never get out of debt without a new form of revenue,” Cooke said. “We’ve worked diligently to get businesses to come here, and the major players in the community put up stumbling blocks. We have a couple of companies that would love to come here but don’t want to because there’s a financial manager here.”

Genius. Companies don’t want to go to Benton Harbor because they have a manager who has installed fiscal sanity? Perhaps it is instead because the mayor wants to find, “a new form of revenue.”

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Devoid of Leadership and Hungry to Appease

I read every post Dan Riehl writes.  Today I saw, and I stopped everything and read it.
What struck me the most was some of the language used.

A Democrat-controlled Senate and White House will never pass the kind of serious plan we want as Conservatives.

Or said another way, “We are only half of a third.”

Today, on the Rush Limbaugh Show, Speaker Boehner called in, here is part of that exchange:

SPEAKER BOEHNER: Well, listen, now we’re getting into budget talk. It’s $7 billion in budget authority below the current year. It’s $26 billion below in actual outlays that go out the door — and again, remember, we made big cuts from last year into this year. We’re gonna make more cuts going into next year. When have you ever seen a Congress in that one-third of the budget actually spend less from one year to the next? And we’re gonna do it two years in row, and frankly we might even get to three years in a row.

RUSH: Okay. So we’re gonna raise the debt limit in this deal through probably — you think it will probably go to next March or April, somewhere?

SPEAKER BOEHNER: Yeah. First, if this bill were to pass, the President could ask for an increase in the debt limit up to 95% of the cuts. Remember one of the principles here: We are not gonna increase the debt limit by anything more than what we’re willing to cut spending. I’ve said the cuts have to exceed it, he’d have to ask for it.

RUSH: He gets the new trillion dollars.

SPEAKER BOEHNER: Trillion dollars roughly and will take them probably into February, maybe March.

RUSH: Right, so he gets that immediately but the cuts are spread over ten years?

SPEAKER BOEHNER: That is correct. That is correct.

It sounds to me like we are handing Obama a trillion dollars and we get 7 billion in spending cuts out of it. Sorry if I’m not towing the line here, but many House members promised over and over again that they would cut $100 Billion in the first year. Then that got reduced to 38.5 Billion, and then 356 million. Now, we are promised $1.2 Trillion in discretionary spending cuts over 10 years which means actually one year for sure, and that year we can count $7 Billion in cuts.

Now, Dan is telling conservatives to get behind this Boehner plan, saying he agrees with that it’s a pretty darn good plan. I respect them both, but they are wrong.

Oh you are just being belligerent Jen, oh, you don’t know diddly squat about the debt/deficit/budget processes and the political games being played, Jen, oh, it’s easy to just always say no, isn’t it Jen? Think you’re so smart, why don’t you tell us what your plan is, Jen?

I can hear all of that. This is not a good plan, it is not. And anyone can see that it does nothing for conservatives, and that is the whole problem with it.

The whole reason Boehner is in the Speaker position is because of conservatives. Conservatives, that is, the tea party, be they independents, former Democrats, or anti-establishment Republicans are the only reason Boehner has that job, and he will not admit it, and now it seems the fellows want to go along with it just to present this horrible mess again next spring.

I’m against this plan, because it is devoid of leadership. I do not agree with the boys that we cannot expect anything from a Democrat controlled Senate, when we won the majority in the House and the State houses across the nation. But we didn’t win because we are Republicans, we won because we said we would do everything in our power to do what was right by the folks who put us there.

It is a symptom of having no leadership that the Speaker presents this plan that asks the Democrats where to get the spending from. He said in the interview with Rush today, “There really are Democrats who want to cut spending, and I’m confident that our members can go in there and make the case for why America needs to act because the greatest risk to our country is not missing August the 2nd. The greatest risk is that we do not make the cuts necessary to put our financial house in order.” Really? And who are they? Will Harry Reid put them on your panel?

No. No Deal.

Am I supposed to be swayed by the logic that this Boehner plan really puts Obama up as a spendaholic right during the election season? Um, hello? We are already here! We are already engaged in this fight! What, do you think we just forgot how to google and read? We don’t need to be reminded he is bad! We need a reason to fight for the Republicans!

Obama already threatened to veto it, do we have another one in the wings? Or, as we wait for the final countdown to default, (which will not happen, yet Boehner keeps repeating it like it is the truth,) what will we give up? Sorry to be cynical but, with Boehner’s track record of capitulation, it’s just a matter of time, isn’t it?

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Boehner, Cantor, McConnell in Danger of Doing Worse Than Pelosi, Reid, Obama

What is it going to take to convince Republicans in the House that raising the debt ceiling is the wrong thing to do, no matter what?

Maybe a few polls?…

How about this, Obama, Pelosi and Reid rammed Obamacare down our throats while we protested, marched, emailed, called and pleaded with them not to. The American public was that bill, but they did it anyway.

But for some reason, the Republican leadership in the house have already affirmed that they intend to raise the ceiling, that they are simply trying to stop Obama from raising taxes. Perhaps they think regardless of how they feel now.

, the American public understands what’s at stake, but the Republican leadership keeps repeating the mantra that we will default. A majority of Americans know it’s complete BS that we would default. We won’t default, do Boehner, Cantor and McConnell KNOW that? Or are we smarter than our representatives?

They have figured out that they need to raise the ceiling $2.4 Trillion That is an admission that they intend for the debt to grow, is it not?

They are handing Obama more money than every estimate of Obamacare’s cost prior to passing it.

But the Republican leadership in the House are going to do it anyway.

Boehner has every right to grow impatient and take raising the ceiling off the table. Why won’t he? And why doesn’t he see that what he is doing is

It is beginning to look like Boehner doesn’t have a problem with the way Obamacare was handled.

No matter what the talk from the leadership, it is clear that the leadership does not represent the people in the people’s house. I suggest more Republican representatives break with leadership, because if they don’t, they will be seen as the same as Pelosi.

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