Fieger, I’m not your brother.

that he knows, “Damn well it bothers my white brethren that a black family is occupying the White House.”

I agree with , but his “brethren” would be the mind-numbingly stupid and white liberal Democrats who are extremely racist.

Not conservatives.

Conservatives are “live and let live” liberty lovers. Geoffy and his ilk are control freaks who project their true feelings about the color of one’s skin on their opponents.

Don’t confuse my whiteness with your stupidity, Fieger. I’m not your brother.

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Answering the Liberal

I have a liberal on my site, sliming it up. At least he is following the rules, calling me Mrs. K, and leaving an email address.

His latest comment on Mindblowing Graphs That Show America Closer To Greece Than You Think, is strange.

In a previous comment he said that conservatives are sore losers, that conservatives have outsourced the entire manufacturing sector, the same tripe that liberals say all over the blogosphere on a daily basis.

But this comment asks me to produce something, and I just happen to have what he’s looking for.

Please Mrs. K
Look at a graph from your source dated 2006, or 2000, or 1990. I guarantee you will find the same socialist trend. As you see it. Show me some data to support there has been some drastic change the past 3 years.That says socialist. Besides you sore losers. Willing to lose all integrity an deceive to attain votes. You have no candidate. Obama will win again.
I can’t wait to see your article on voter suppression.

Here is some data to support that there has been some drastic change in the past 3 years.

That says socialist.

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