Presque Isle County TeenAge Republicans- Most Outstanding in the Nation

Small town teens make a great impact.
Three years ago, four teenagers in a very small town found themselves talking about politics often. They decided they wanted to do something about the direction of the country, and started a group, The Presque Isle County Teenage Republicans.

Since then, the group of four has grown to a group of 45, the chairman of the group has become the chairman of the State of Michigan Teenage Republicans, and the Presque Isle County Teenage Republicans have gotten the honor of being the “Most Outstanding In The Nation,” from the national Teenage Republicans (TARS) at their recent national conference.

The award for the most Outstanding Teenage Republican Club in the Nation was awarded to the Presque Teenage Republicans on Friday, July 29th at the closing banquet of the Conference. There to accept the award were the three delegates from Michigan, who are also office holders in both the county and state TARS organizations: Sierra Centala, Secretary of the Michigan TARS, Becky Talaske, Vice-Chairman of the Presque Isle TARS, and Vinny Szczerowski, Chairman of the Presque Isle TARS and Chairman of the Michigan TARS. This award a testament to the dedication the Presque Isle TARS have for their county, state, and nation as a whole. This small, rural area is very lucky to have the largest Teenage Republican group in the state of Michigan, and now the most Outstanding Teenage Republican group in the United States of America.

Throughout the past three years, the group has held their own fundraisers, bakesales, and rummage sales, in order to fund their own trips to the TARS conferences and to Lansing for several meetings, conventions and leadership conferences. Every time they raised funds, they gave half of the proceeds to Operation Uplink through the local VFW, and other military causes. These kids have truly shown what teamwork, leadership and care for a cause means.

Always ready to campaign, work parades, and help elect Republicans, these kids have worked very hard, but they enjoy the fun. Leading while in high school sets a path of leadership throughout life, and we can expect great things from these teens.

Their enthusiasm and love for their country, along with their work ethic, political curiosity and accomplishments have set them apart, and I asked a few of them about their views and experiences.

Our new has been with the group for almost three years. Why did she join? “I don’t know much about politics, but I always heard a lot of good remarks about Republicans and I want a positive future for me and my children.” Abbey said. The group got the award on the same day Abbey was crowned queen.

Erin Kuznicki, longtime secretary of the PITARS answered the same question, “I decided to join the group to learn about politics, and I like what I’ve learned so far.”

Becky Talaske answered similarly, “I joined to learn about politics and I think it’s good to learn now, while we are young. We have to turn our country around.”

I asked Vinny Szczerowski, (I know, it’s pronounced, stud-ut-ski) the chairman of the group and chair of the Michigan TARS, why he started the group. Vinny said, “In response to the 2008 elections and the surge of liberalism in the country as a result of the election, we decided to start the group to promote conservatism in the youth.”

It’s been difficult to accept, but the Michigan GOP has not shown a lot of interest in the group, many appeals for funding help and interest have gone unanswered and rejected. I asked Vinny how that impacts the group, which now fills leadership positions in the Michigan TARS. “Maybe they don’t realize the power of the youth, perhaps they don’t know that to harness that energy is so crucial in the upcoming election.” he said.

How do other teens get involved? “Well, now is the best time, this next year will be a major battle. The first thing is to try to find like minds. If you talk about the direction of the country with kids who agree with conservative principles, that is a great place to start. Then, try to contact someone in your local county party to help you begin. Then, organize meetings, adopt a constitution, and contact the .” Vinny said.

I’ve heard of the young Republicans, I asked Vinny if that is different from the TARS, “Yes, we tried three years ago when we were 14 to join the young Republicans, but they are strictly 18 and up. So that is why we connected with the TARS.”

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