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“The future of our country, the direction that we go as a people, whether we move ahead to meet the challenges of the future or slide back into the irresponsible policies of the past, will be determined by those who get involved.”

Ronald Reagan  3/6/1984


Conservatism is spreading within the Republican Party, and it is imperative that those who wish to change the current path, get involved in promoting conservatism within it.

The party as it is now configured, is going to find at election that conservatives will not vote against the worst of two bad situations. I have written about this before and it is going to happen.  This is not one woman’s drive, nor is it negative reinforcement.  It is part of a natural innate negotiation of terms, and it is solely because of a lack of understanding of, and therefore ignorant rejection of conservatism.

A conservative friend overheard her ex-conservative Congressman shrug off the dangers of his consensus politics, saying, “Who else are you going to vote for?”  This is the moderate’s one lucky coin.  They hold us in their back pocket, they weather the storm of controversy, and will not change.  This is the one chip that is going to be played in 2014, if the top-down authoritative control of the direction of the GOP continues, and it will unless you get involved. Now.

Just as numerous conservatives sat out the Presidential race in 2012, more and more are losing hope that the nation can right itself. Right now, conservatives are not voting for anyone who wishes to thwart conservatism, or water it down.  In practice, this creates a ‘virtual’ third party, that is not beneficial to the elections of Republicans, and it is not necessary.  The leadership of the Republican Party refuses to look to history on who they truly are, what they stand for, and how to win elections, and the consequences of that are disastrous.  Unless the leadership of the Republican Party begins to discontinue its top-down authoritarian control of the grassroots, the conservative anti-control, pro-liberty grassroots will not be able to vote Republican nor get others interested in doing so.

The distinct contrast between people of principle and those who expect the rank and file within the Republican Party to ‘do as they’re told’ regardless of principle is right now reaching its highest pitch, and now is the time to act.

We need more soldiers.

Since it is obvious the leadership wants to silence conservatism and use liberal media to ostracize articulate conservative Statesmen with immature attacks on motives and personality, 2014 will become a complete disaster.  That is why it is so important to swell the ranks of the Republican Party.

In an , Sean and Mark talk about the ‘French Republicans’ and what to do about their unwillingness to listen to conservative pleading.  Hannity has said that

Hannity: For me Mark, this is a line in the sand.  Every one of these guys ran on repealing Obamacare and replacing it, every one of them.  You know in the House, they had all these, I guess, symbolic votes to repeal it, but none of them had teeth in it, and now comes the moment of truth, and if they don’t do it, as far as I’m concerned, they’re no better than the Democrats because they’re not even fighting, they don’t represent anything that’s any different.

Levin:  And they won’t even fight.  I mean, you gotta give this to the left, they never give up, they fought for a hundred years for government-run healthcare, and these guys can’t even fight for two weeks.

Hannity: There was a report back a couple of months ago that you and Governor Palin had talked about maybe having a third party. Now, Reagan addressed this, you worked in the Reagan Administration, and he said, No, we need a revitalized second party.  Now, if this isn’t the issue to revitalize the Republican Party, then they’re letting this opportunity go, and I would argue, conservatives like myself and yourself, I’m done with the Republican party if they don’t fight here.  I will not vote for them, I will not support, I will not endorse, anybody who doesn’t have the courage to stand up on this issue because it’s devastating to the country, the country will not sustain it.  Do you think that movement will be big?

Levin: I think so, I think it’s certainly possible, here’s the thing, the American people don’t even like this law.


Hannity: You are calling the Republicans, “The French Republicans, “ if they don’t wage a fight on Obamacare, in your opinion, is it time for a third party?

Levin: You know that’s not a decision I can make..

Hannity: For yourself.

Levin: Well, I vote the way I want to vote anyway, write in people and so forth, it’s not a question of a third party, fourth party, or a fifth party, or whatever party, what I’m trying to express with this book and so forth is, continue to fight at the national level, fight the Republican party within the Republican party, fight the Democrats, we have a systemic problem in a post-Constitutional period, and what I’m arguing for in addition to that, is if we think Washington is going to redesign itself and breathe life back into the Constitution, it’s not.

Please, do not leave, stand and fight!  Challenge them! Don’t give ultimatums, give the solution!  Now more than ever!

It’s not that conservatives won’t vote for moderates or “French Republicans” it is because we cannot and stay honest.

Conservatism is about honesty and reality and freedom.  Though it seems impossible that the leadership and the consultant class will ever change, conservatives have to understand that individuals usually do not change from an easy path to a difficult one unless there is some sort of hope of a brighter future.

I am here to tell conservatives that there can be a brighter future, if, and only if, they work to change the party structure.  What we have now is top-down authoritarian rule, shoving secularism down grassroot’s throats, causing factioning and chaos. They are manning their positions with dug-in big-government Republicans, and trying to pass rules within committees to thwart the primary process.  The very leadership of the RNC is handing over data systems and power to the likes of Karl Rove.  It is a liberal world-view that the party is now bowing to, and there is never an uplifting message that can come from that management.  Conservatives need to spread the bright message of the Republican Party, where it came from, including where it is headed, but how we can change it.  WE ARE THE PARTY THAT OPPOSES SLAVERY, and that includes slavery of the mind.  The Democratic Party no longer allows for conservatism in its ranks, and the Republican Party hinges almost all of its plans on what the Democratic Party is doing.  We have to understand that liberalism is the status quo of the Republican Party, but the status quo can change, you just have to help.

We are on the cusp of switching the Republican Party’s major influence from liberalism to conservatism, but we will never get over that hump if we do not have enough people willing to revitalize the party.  If all you do is comment negatively and point out the obvious anti-conservative bias of the media, the Republican Party, the Democrat Party and so on, you might feel better, but you are not helping, not enough.  You need to be involved in order to bolster the work of current conservatives within the party.

There are those who say, “been there, done that,” but they have not! They may have been involved for a time, lost hope, and moved on, I tell you, your duty is to this Republic, and you must keep your head down, and plow through.

There are plenty of people who scoff at getting involved in the party because they come from blue States, or have had enough of trying to convince moderates to change their spots.  I tell you that you will never succeed in convincing them; we must join them and win with our ideas.

Together, we can become an overwhelming force for good within the Republican Party, and shine our lights for the rest of the world.

If you say, forget it, the Republican Party is finished, it will be.  You can change it by jumping in, getting to know the libertarians and conservatives within the party, and stay focused on one thing, use your knowledge of conservatism to thwart the current party rulers’ liberalism at every turn.  You have precincts to man, parties to run, partnerships to make, coalitions to build, all with the cheery disposition of a conservative under the big tent.  Your influence is stronger than you know.

Right now, there are enough conservatives in the party structure to become emboldened and reach higher and higher within the party.  Liberalism is out, moderate republicanism is out, constitutional illiteracy is out.  We are the future.

Criticize, yes!  But offer the bright future of the party which is run by conservatives along with it, keep that American Spirit alive.

Stop the refusal to work with people who are ‘part of the establishment’, instead, work with them on your terms, you have more power than you think-the only way conservatism can win is if it is applied, and if you are the only one against thousands who is applying it, so be it.

Do you believe in your cause?  Do you believe it is the only way?  If you believe it, apply it in every instance.

“Our people look for a cause to believe in. Is it a third party we need, or is it a new and revitalized second party, raising a banner of no pale pastels, but bold colors which make it unmistakably clear where we stand on all of the issues troubling the people?” Ronald Reagan

You won’t get paid, you won’t get patted on the back, and you will receive criticism, but this is part of the work that needs to be done.

Who’s with me?

Jen Kuznicki, Presque Isle County, Michigan Republican Party County Chair


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  1. task says:

    The first thing that needs to be done is to unseat the House Speaker. He is an impasse. If he wins the primary then vote for the democrat in the final election because it is now apparent that House republicans are not capable of bypassing this less than moderate RINO. The loss of a negative, especially one with this much control and influence, is a positive and maybe the rest will get the message as to why we sent them to D.C.

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