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RNC Committeeman for Michigan, Dave Agema has come under attack for things he has said at a county meeting, as a result of , written in the Herald- Palladium.

Dave Agema (R-MI) is a former state representative and currently one of the state’s reps to the Republican National Committee.  And oh – lookie here – he’s a gray-haired white dude!  NO FREAKING WAY OMG:

I never read , but the “Chicks on the Right – Because Conservatism Needs a Makeover” seem childish and self-loathing since they, according to their images on their website, are white.  Or am I supposed to be impressed that they are sensitive to the fact that most men on the right are white?  Most on the left in politics are too.  Is mocking people for the way they look, their age and their gender the way “conservatism needs a makeover?”

He also just claimed that “gays only want free health care because they are dying of AIDS.

And there you have it, folks.  FRESH FREAKING MEAT FOR LIBERALS!!!!!!  YAAAAAY!!!!!!!!

Actually, that quote was taken by a reporter who was at a holiday reception for the Berrien County GOP.  That reporter, according to her facebook page, is a fan of Barack and Michele Obama, “likes” the facebook pages Americans Against the Tea Party; Telling Dick Cheney to Shut the Hell Up; Telling Rush Limbaugh he is full of crap; Healthcare Reform; Healthcare for America Now; People who support the Health Care law; give obama a break, it takes 8 years to clean this crap up; Michelle Obama; ObamaCare; and Health Equity.  News reporters never come to these events, but a GOPer that was there said that neither did the delegates at large who are elected to State positions and are friends with the man Agema defeated for Committeeman.

What the Chicks don’t know is that this is an ongoing effort by some in the MIGOP who have lost positions to tea-party types and are completely upset about it, and yes, would go so far as to invite a leftist reporter in to grab a line they can use to then get Governor Snyder, the Speaker of the House, Congressman Fred Upton and all the rest of the RINOs to publicly shame him.

This REPUBLICAN (as well as other Republicans like him) is one of the handful of reasons that I get migraines.  And also one of the handful of reasons that Mock and I started this site almost five years ago.  Our country is going to hell in a handbasket.  Conservatism is in desperate need of a makeover.  And guys like Dave Agema DO NOT HELP OUR PARTY AT ALL.

In fact, THEY ARE KILLING IT.  If you disagree with me on this, simply because you don’t believe in calling out “your own,” well….you’re wrong.

So you see, this Daisy Chick is completely off base, and if she started her site to work alongside the left in trashing a fighter pilot with the mental toughness to withstand repeated attacks from his own party, then I have no idea who she thinks she is helping.  Guys like Dave Agema are strong, manly men, and if diminishing good, strong men is this Daisy Chick’s idea of fixing the Republican Party, she’s part of the problem.

Here’s more of what he said, in addition to basically claiming that everyone who’s gay has AIDS:

‘Folks, they (gay people) want free medical because they’re dying (when they’re) between 30 and 44 years old,’ he said, according to the .

‘To me, it’s a moral issue, it’s a Biblical issue,’ he continued. ‘Traditional marriage is where it should be and it’s in our platform. Those in our party who oppose traditional marriage are wrong.’

The controversial stance, he explained, comes from his observations of gay co-workers at American Airlines claiming AIDS-infected people were their spouses so they could receive health insurance.

‘I stand for traditional marriage, no homosexual ones,’ he proclaimed.

The first quote was said directly after Agema shared a personal story of two American Airlines workers, (Agema spent decades as a pilot for AA after serving as a fighter pilot in the Air Force during the Vietnam war,) that he overheard saying that they were basically lying to the airline, saying a friend with AIDS was their partner so their friend could get health benefits that AA offered to partners.  Gay activists in Michigan have called Agema a liar, but they have no evidence he is lying, and it makes sense that it would happen.  People claim things all the time to get free benefits.

But Daisy is guilty of smearing this man by saying that he said all gay people have AIDS, and that irresponsible bullshit doesn’t pass for informative, intelligent blogging on the right.  It’s utterly stupid.

And bizarrely enough, his “remarks came during a speech urging the different factions of the Republican party to come together.”


Yes, actually, Daisy, and here are his remarks via his facebook page:

Dave Agema: I spoke last week at a Christmas Party in Berrien County about the need for unity in the Republican Party and the importance of supporting our national platform. A journalist was in the audience and wrote a news article that twisted my speech far out of context. Some in the GOP have decided to advance their own agendas by continuing to push these distortions. In response to the twisted articles posted from some GOP members that were not at an event, I say this: I was simply making a point about my opposition to same sex benefits and for traditional marriage. I stand by my words as I said them despite efforts by others to twist the meaning of those words. I strongly support the GOP Platform, the Michigan Constitution and the RNC Resolutions passed in support of Traditional Marriage and will not back down from those principles.

Unity in the party is what I stressed in that speech and those that don’t accept the platform are causing dissention in the party, are wrong in doing so and that is exactly what is occurring now. I call upon all Republican Party members to embrace and support the Republican National Committee platform and use this document as a source of unity going into the 2014 election cycle.

And here is a press release from the Berrien County GOP:

Press Release – Berrien County GOP
November 11, 2013
This message is in response to the circulating news stories regarding comments made by Dave Agema, at the recent Berrien County Republican Holiday Reception.

The key message Committeeman Dave Agema delivered in his speech, was
about the importance of Party unification. Given that the Republican Party is a party of opportunity — a party that welcomes discussions on a broad array of topics — Dave expressed the importance of a party platform in the unification process. The intention of a party’s platform is to express the principles of the political party as a whole. 

He raised a copy of the Republican Party platform in
his hand and encouraged individuals to know it and support it.
Dave’s comments picked up by the Press concerning traditional marriage and alternative views were relayed as personal life observations and opinions that he has formulated from previous experiences. 

The Berrien County GOP (BCGOP) believes Dave’s comments on this subject were taken out of the context of his overall message of unity, and were not intended to show ill will towards any Individual or political position. 

The BCGOP re-affirms it’s endorsement of the Republican Party platform, and affirms that it is incumbent on all to assure that everyone is treated with respect and dignity.

So you can see how this Daisy Chick gets her next paragraph completely wrong.

What Dave here doesn’t realize is that a person can actually NOT believe in gay marriage, and they can still believe that gay people are freaking PEOPLE.  I mean, you may have biblical “issues” with a homosexual couple getting married in your church – that’s totally your prerogative.  To each his own, and everyone has a right to believe what they want from a religious perspective.  No one should be forced to believe otherwise.  But to lump all gay people into a group that has AIDS?  To demean them?  To call gay people “filthy” (which he did on his Facebook page back in April, by the way)?

Dave Agema never called gay people “filthy”, another lie.  But she’s not done there, using all of her might to sound like a teenage drama queen, she continues:

Well, you pretty much suck if you do that.  And you’re precisely one of the big reasons that our party is losing elections.  And why the big ol’ burning house we find ourselves in right now just keeps on burning, while liberals feast their eyes on the little broken windows and turn the country’s attention away from the smoldering blaze.

Isn’t it funny and interesting when bloggers don’t do their homework, come straight out of the box saying they are against the RINOs and in fact end up working on the side of the establishment when they stage a set-up?  But I suppose that would be too kind to say about Daisy and Mock, because they are twisting words all by themselves with no help from their establishment benefactors.

Before you come at me, so-called conservatives out there, for “bashing my own”, I’ll have you know that I don’t claim this dude.  And if he’d open his eyes long enough to see past his safe little political bubble, he’d realize that when he preaches about the “different factions of the Republican party coming together,” one of those factions includes GAY CONSERVATIVES.

Don’t look at me, I understand you reject old white Vietnam fighter pilots as part of “your” party, Daisy, but you are so totally off base, blind, and uninformed, I’d rather not claim you either.  And just to make her childish point once again, she makes fun of Dave’s looks and age:

They exist, gray-haired stodgy white dude.  They’re actual PEOPLE.  Get over it already or for crying out loud, go find a nice job as a Walmart greeter or something.  Because you have NO business doing what you’re doing.

Dave is a good, kind, decent man.  He stands tall, walks with the confidence of a fighter pilot, he is in excellent shape, and if his hair was brown, his age would not be betrayed.  He is being singled out because of some in the MIGOP who want him gone.  But it is beyond the pale to use and twist words, a tiny percentage of what he had to say into something you want it to mean, or you want to agree with leftists on.

The incredible lack of curiosity is an affront to good communication on the right.  The Chicks on the Right are certainly guilty of it, but I don’t care about that.  What I find repulsive is that the Governor, the , , Representative , State Senator , and Representative all jumped at the chance to denounce Agema on a set-up.

To quote a dues-paying member of the Berrien County GOP, “someone “lit the fuse” on this event and expected a kaboom, you just can’t scare conservatives away from a fight. We usually know how to function outside of gov’t, we don’t always care about preconceived sensibilities…especially when the “offended” often write and are involved in some of the hateful speech within the confines of political correctness. Look above at what groups the reporter is wholly involved with, and what they say about conservatives. Someone set this up, and hoped for a meltdown.”

Oh, it’s war alright, between the establishment and the tea party, and to top it all off, the message Dave Agema gave in his remarks that night was one of unity.  It has been hijacked and bastardized by the usual culprits in the MIGOP, and we have our finger on who is against unity.  It’s not the tea party or conservatives, it is the establishment punks who will use any leftist tactic to separate the tea party from the GOP.

They get the big headlines, they get all the feel-good back-slapping, but in the end, they are ends-justify-the-means liberals, and conservatives who don’t do their homework join them.

By the way, it was just revealed that Congressman Fred Upton was one of the House members that urged Johnny Boehner to stand up to the tea party and conservative groups.  Fred Upton banned the 40 and 60W incandescent lightbulb which will go into effect in a couple weeks.  Whose side do you claim now?

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5 Responses to Why the Chicks on the Right are Wrong

  1. Darlene Littlejohn says:

    Excellent, Jen!

  2. spook says:

    And here's their response. …

    • Jen Kuznicki says:

      She is right that the messaging needs work, but this case is of a committeeman duly elected to the RNC by the precinct delegates in the MIGOP. He is being hounded by the establishment because there are now more conservatives at the RNC than establishment. If anything, the establishment types should listen to the delegates, but they can’t do that, they want the party to become something that will be rejected by the base. They are ruining the party, not the grassroots.

      The gay activists who tried to get as many elected GOP as possible to denounce Agema had an easy job of it, because not one of them listened, heard his point, and realized he gets ovations everywhere he goes. The main issue is gay marriage, but the other issue is fiscal conservatism. There is this social/fiscal thing going on, and nobody elected in MI has the guts to stand up and say that Agema was making a point, and keeping the threat of the extreme and perpetually offended in the forefront. It is a Biblical issue for many. Why do they get treated like dirt so that gay activists, who are desperately trying to topple one man/one woman in the Republican party, don’t get offended?

      Michigan has a constitutional amendment for one man/one woman. The SCOTUS decision might work the way Roe v Wade did, in leaving the population without a voice in the matter. It is the aim of the chair of MIGOP’s Log Cabin Republicans to legalize gay marriage in MI, citing 56% of the American people in favor. Again, this is the Republican party, and the voice of the grassroots against radicals who threaten the civil society and ordered liberty.

      Daisy is also right that politics is popular will. But let’s not assume that the popular will of the Republican party is to support gay marriage, when it clearly is not.

      These issues must be talked about, and debated, or we will have ceded all of our cultural and social issues to the left, and since freedom is incompatible with a godless country, we will have no freedoms left.

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