Huckabee’s Endorsement Strategy, Anyone? | Jen Kuznicki

Banner for Huckabee’s radio show that offered an alternative to Rush Limbaugh, and was supposed to beat Rush in ratings.

Mike Huckabee has decided to endorse Representative James Lankford for Senate in Oklahoma.  The other Republican candidate in the race is T.W. Shannon, who has gotten endorsements from Sarah Palin, Mark Levin, Senator Mike Lee, the Senate Conservatives Fund, you get the picture.

Lankford , and barring any information on whether San Francisco-based consultants, The Wicker Group, (TWG) that seems to be Huckabee’s only reason to endorse.

For Huckabee, it seems, the way to go is reject Buckley’s rule, “the rightwardmost electable candidate,” and to endorse if the candidate has hired TWG which is his son-in-law’s firm, or if the candidate can be a reliable vote for the establishment…or he’s a fellow Reverend.

A little history:

Texas Senate: Dewhurst v. Cruz.  Huck endorsed Dewhurst (who employed The Wicker Group) and Ted Cruz won.

Wisconsin Senate: Thompson v. Neumann.  Neumann was endorsed by the Club for Growth, Thompson’s a RINO who won the primary but lost to the Democrat.

Nebraska Senate: Bruning v. Stenberg v. Fischer. Huck endorsed Bruning  (who employed The Wicker Group) and then lost to Palin-endorsed Fischer.

North Carolina: Hudson v. Keadle.  Huck endorsed reliable establishment guy Hudson over tea party challenger Keadle.

Florida: Yoho v. Stearns. Huck endorsed Yoho (who employed The Wicker Group) over Stearns, the tea party favorite.

Florida: Mica v. Adams. Huck endorsed entrenched incumbent Mica over Palin-endorsed Adams.

Texas Lieutenant Gov: Huck is endorsing Patrick against his previously endorsed loser to Cruz, Dewhurst.  Patrick has employed The Wicker Group.

North Carolina: Huck’s endorsing Rev. Harris, the Republican leadership is endorsing Tillis, and Brannon is endorsed by Glenn Beck, Mike Lee, FreedomWorks, ICaucus, and Rand Paul.

The end result so far of these races is three for six, and though that’s not a terrible endorsement history, it is bad for the nation if they are all reliable votes for the RINO establishment.

Huck is very  a run for the White House (again) in a climate his daughter and spokesman says, “It just seems so right for a lot of different reasons. I think there is a bigger opportunity this time around, and he’s very, very seriously considering a run.”

Um, yeah.

Sanders said her father will never totally appease the hard-line fiscally conservative groups — but she argued he won’t have to.

“He’s not going to change that and cater to these groups, and we need someone who can say ‘enough is enough.’ He’s not going to be pushed around. He is who he is, and you can get on board or not,” she said. “He’s got a populist message. He’s a Republican who can actually speak to the American middle class, which is something that sets him apart. The outside groups who don’t agree with him on everything aren’t going to like him much no matter what. He’s not going to change to appease them.”


Huckabee was supposed to outstripping Rush Limbaugh’s popularity on radio by now too, by offering, “More conversation, less confrontation.”

In the middle of a tea party year, Huck might be a great bass player but he’s a bit tone deaf.

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14 Responses to Huckabee’s Endorsement Strategy, Anyone?

  1. BearNJ says:

    Huck's radio show will do better than his 2016 Presidential run. Yesterday's news.

  2. ed says:

    GOPe just can't seem to understand conservatives are through voting for rino's and dircs (demorats in rino clothing ) .

  3. Martin says:

    I think most of us tune out his endorsements.

  4. CHAD says:


  5. Gaylord says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how stupid these smug establishment types can be. They honestly believe they can carve out market share from whole cloth and Independents.

    Take a note, Madame Sanders: when you throw manure at the base you don't carve out squat…you simply suppress the vote.

  6. youcancallmecrazybut says:

    The TEA Party is a series of grassroots organizations who's main themes are lower taxes, smaller government and individual freedom. Huh, very similar to what the founders supported in writing, organizing and enacting the constitution we still have to protect us from without and within. What is so damned hard to embrace about that? Oh that's right, They would rather embrace the money and the power and of course themselves, each perpetuating the other. And that my fellow peeps goes against everything the founders and the TEA Parties believe in which is We the People!

  7. Mark says:

    "You can trust me, I'm a conservative (*YES DAMMNIT. FREE THAT PRISONER SO HE CAN MURDER AGAIN) eh em… as I was saying. You can trust me. I play the banjo. I'm not a robot. bee boop bop…" -Mike Huckabee

  8. Jean says:

    Huckabee seems like the kind of authority figure the bad guys can always get around because he doesn't believe anybody is really bad deep down. A little love, a little understanding, a little forgiveness, a lot of second chances . . .occasional fingershaking and tsk-tsking . . .that should do it.

  9. Al from Fl says:

    Huck seemed to be someone who could bring many factions together but if he is perceived as supporting establishment politics/policies then he will not fare well in the primaries. Can't think of anything worse than being an establishment proponent in this environment.

  10. […] why I wondered yesterday if new Huck endorsee Lankford of Oklahoma had hired The Wickers Group.  And since Huck is “seriously considering” a run in 2016, could these endorsements […]

  11. Rick says:

    It makes me ill that evangelicals keep supporting this man. Then again, as a Christian, a LOT of what passes for evangelicalism these days bothers me.

  12. says:

    I think Tea Party is right to some extent. Under some certain circumstance, low taxes will save the economy and bring more job opportunities.