What Tradition Is Barbour and Cochran Protecting? | Jen Kuznicki

barbourToday’s news tells us that Senator is going to be stumping for Thad Cochran in Mississippi, in his Senate primary runoff with State Senator Chris McDaniel.

John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Haley Barbour, and Thad Cochran against Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum, Chris McDaniel, The Club For Growth, FreedomWorks, Senate Conservatives, talk radio’s Constitutional Conservative Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, and throngs of teenage volunteers.  The Cochran campaign, beleaguered by his own words about doing indecent things to animals, not knowing what happened to Eric Cantor in Virginia, and testaments to  nice guy Obama and from , are bringing in more examples of the problem in Washington to fight the liberty message of the people of the State of Mississippi.

If put on a stage together, you could clearly see the status quo versus the remedy, the septuagenarians of spending versus the ferocious freedom-fighters, the impotent versus the potent, the problem versus the solution.

But few know the true back story on this race.  It was Cochran who didn’t want to run, but was pushed to, by the Mississippi and DC elite.  It was on his plans for Mississippi’s educators, and stood for Mississippi law.  Barbour has it in for McDaniel, and has lied about him repeatedly to save the seat for a couple of years so that Barbour’s Mississippi machine could fill a vacancy.  All they have to do is get past this runoff.

The Cochran campaign is using Democratic operatives to try to get Democrats to vote for him in the primary, a move that is, as I understand it, against Mississippi law.  Barbour is working hand-in-hand as a lobbyist, with Democrat radicals to move forward on amnesty.  It was Haley Barbour, who, in 2001, prior to becoming Governor, worked as a lobbyist for the Mexican government, even though he denied it, on issues, ‘including “immigration/human capital” and “treatment of Mexican citizens who cross the border,’” according to the   

Recently, Barbour has joined with new Democrat superstar mayor of San Antonio, Julian Castro to call for  He has said that the people of Mississippi need for the chicken processing plants, which are dirty places to work, apparently only suitable for Mexicans? A look at Delaware showed a clean plant with American workers, so is it Barbour’s view that the facilities in MS are there only to disallow clean, good paying jobs for American workers?

Not only did Barbour and the NRSC raise the issue of Katrina funds in the campaign, saying that McDaniel wouldn’t have allowed federal funds to Mississippians who needed it, a charge wholly unfounded, considering it is the waste of funds that offers the biggest problems after a disaster, he himself, with the aid of a certain Senator Cochran, for a port deal that has now gone to Louisiana.  Sort of makes McDaniel’s point doesn’t it?

The emotional pleas to hang on to Cochran, a man who has been in Washington DC for 42 years, and rarely if ever speaks in the Senate, and probably for good reason for himself on the campaign trail, are gratuitous nods to the Barbour machine, to Barbour’s amnesty deals, to Barbour’s nephew’s political futures, and Barbour’s political future as a kingpin in the national GOP.  In a state that just whittled down its abortion clinics to one, Barbour has had the audacity to come to my State of Michigan and demand the social issues take a back seat, caring not a whit about the souls of the unborn Michiganders for his political plans.  That’s why, when Barbour talks about “purity” he’s talking about toning down the insistence of the good people of Mississippi to speak for the unborn who have no voice, the silent individual millions.babypretty-1024x639

In a speech he gave here in Michigan, Barbour stressed that, “politics is about multiplication, not division.”  But in his political world, he would divide his own fellow Mississippians in order to prop up a 42-year incumbent who will likely not serve his full term, just to keep his place in a GOP that has lost its soul.

What tradition is Barbour upholding with his strings on Cochran?  With his neck-deep plunge for amnesty?  With his inability to fight for the innocent and the founding of this great land?  Let me suggest that the tradition Haley Barbour upholds is his own personal grip on the Republican Party, which, as witnessed by the grassroots in every State in this country, has eschewed support for the pro-life movement, and pro-family traditions that made this country great.  The Republican Party must turn back to first principles and the tradition of liberty and individual rights, before we lose our grip on the America we once knew.

The lack of an interest in conservative traditions is what Barbour represents, and defeating Cochran, and his proxy, Barbour will go a long way to strengthening the once great, but now  who, with Barbour’s strong arm, would take us into many years of darkness and injustice.

Shake it up, Mississippi.

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  1. Adrian Lee Jr says:

    Maybe Mark Levin read my post just the other day in facebook. I don't believe Thad ever wanted to run.

  2. Toodumtu says:

    I just lost any respect that I ever had for McCain. These piss ant RINO/Establishment need to be weeded out. I'm ashamed to admit I voted for this turncoat piss ant.

  3. pete says:

    Nice column, Jen, as usual.

    WhenTH are people/congressfulks gonna GET this – TAKE 3-5 dollars an hour FROM the trillions of dollars given away in free stuff to the illegal alien invaders (and STOP the enticements) and give it to AMERICAN CITIZENS and temporarily subsidize their wages until the eventual stability takes place – having told them that this is the plan – and gradually reduce the govt subsidy when the market and the employees can absorb it (2-4 years)

    Seriously, do you wanna go FURTHER into UNKNOWN DEBT for illegals/amnestied or #HelpOutYourFELLOWAmericans????

  4. task says:

    Winston Churchill once said: “if Hitler invaded Hell he would make one favorable reference to the Devil in the House of Commons”. He despised communism but so hated Hitler that he would support the efforts of the Soviets against Germany. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” When has that statement not held true; at least for the short run. Notice the sentiment of Shia Iraq towards Shia Iran in the face of Sunni Muslim Blitzkrieg advances while Obama and the World fiddles. You don’t even have to go that far. Canada, once reluctant to provide oil to China, which was originally designed to provide the US with energy, rather than wait for “hope and change” to wake up, will do what is now economically in their interest.

    The one thing that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have in common with John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Haley Barbour, and Thad Cochran is that they mutually despise Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum, Chris McDaniel and all Constitutional 501 (C) 4 conservative organizations. They could spend an entire weekend together blithering and ranting over the outrageousness of Constitutionalists as they simultaneously conspire to annihilate every vestige of evidentiary history that could testify that we once existed; they could even contact Lois Lerner to learn how best to destroy hard drives that may one day provide proof to the contrary.

    From my perspective, having watched the damage to our great country that these political sociopaths have aided and abetted, I feel the same way towards them… only more so. They use mischaracterizations to provoke and bilk donors and that shows just how seriously they consider our inroads into their defenses. It also shows how much they have learned from their new alliances who are historically very adept at using such techniques and strategies. They didn’t go to the extent which they have gone unless they have great personal misgivings and realize that we are more worrisome than their new alliances ever were. After all the old enemies who are now their new alliances never took away their jobs. That is what we are all about.

  5. DEC says:

    I am amazed at the seemingly new opinions that Thad Cochran, Haley Barbour and anyone supporting Sen. Cochran's re election are a demonic lot with only sinister left wing motives. Sen. Cochran's description of Obama as being "nice" was as a person no different from many cordial acquaintances that exists between political foes and any insinuation that Cochran is an ally of Harry Reid is laughable.
    It wasn't until Chris McDaniel decided to run that Sen. Cochran and his supporters have been become so hazardous to the health of the country, especially Mississippi. Thad is one the most well respected and EFFECTIVE members of the Senate that certainly takes care of Mississippi with funding that would be spent in another State were it not for his influence, much of it being military spending for ships built at Ingalls, air bases, Camp Shelby etc. This may mean nothing to you not from Mississippi, but it's pretty damn important here.
    Thad is his own man, but I'm afraid Chris McDaniel would be a no-name puppet of the hi-jacked Tea Party (although I'm sure he doesn't think so) that advocates a 'scorched earth" approach to every issue. In a democracy, no one gets everything he or she wants, there must be compromises along the way. President Reagan new this very well and once said that if someone votes with him 80% of the time, they are a friend and ally. Blasting Sen. Cochran for compromising to get what his constituents needed makes for good "campaign rhetoric", but is out of touch with governing.

    • BearNJ says:

      Thanks Haley

    • Beeblebrox says:

      It's ironic that DEC alludes to Reagan's 80/20 rule given the facts.

      Thad Cochran is a liberal Republican with a Heritage Action Scorecard rating of a horrible 57%. So Reagan would have considered him to be his political enemy.

      Cochran is being pushed by McCain (HAS rating: 52%) and other liberal Republicans to keep a reliable GOP establishment vote, especially for the majority leader, Mitch McConnell (HAS rating: 76%). McConnell needs Cochran's support and is actively involving himself in the politics of another state's primary in order to prevent another Ted Cruz or Mike Lee insurgent from upsetting his little apple cart.

      So DEC is wrong on pretty much every count. If ever there was a puppet in the Senate it would be Cochran. Can the guy even dress himself in the morning? They wake him up to vote and he dutifully sids with the establishment of both parties when it counts. When he does vote for a conservative measure it is usually on ones that wouldn't pass Harry Reid's gauntlet in any case. So they are kabuki votes to keep his scorecard above 50%.

      Cochran needs to go. He is an example of what is wrong with the GOP these days.

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