I Refuse To Be Silenced In This Budget Battle | Jen Kuznicki

Shut up, and sit down, Jen!

I will not.

I have been reading and staying very informed on how this budget deal played out, and all of the spin coming from both sides, and I do not believe that we won. And I’m sick of people on my side telling me that I just don’t understand how DC works. Enough.

Here is what I see:

The Republican Leadership said we would get $100 Billion in cuts, they repeated it over and over. But when it came time to really mean it, they put down folks on our side who voted for $88 Billion in cuts as opposed to $61 Billion, saying that these newbies just don’t get it, if we approve the extra $22B, it’ll mess up our big plans for bigger cuts down the road.

Then the Republican Leadership demonized Bachmann and others for making a big deal about Istook’s testimony pointing to the $105.5 Billion in Obamacare funding in the last CR, complaining that Bachmann was grandstanding, and positioning for her Presidential run, and her complaints caused the speaker to lose face, since 54 Republicans voted against his measure. That was described as a house divided, and we got some serious doses of “shame on you” for following Bachmann and not the leader on this one.

Then the Republican Leadership, after causing a rift (yes, they caused the rift for not clearly seeing they should have defunded Obamacare right then and there,) and, said

Then the Republican Leadership, as part of their master plan, decided on one more CR, this time really defunding Obamacare.

But they didn’t. Now, why am I supposed to shut up about it?

I’ll tell you why the folks in DC don’t want any dissent on this deal. Because, as I said before, the leadership is not all that enthusiastic about conservatism. It’s not about being nor is it about it’s about principled leadership. It’s about doing what you said you were going to do. It’s about no meaning no and defund meaning defund.

Leadership means making decisions and knowing you are right and sticking to them.

Leadership is not making excuses, it is not worrying what others will do as a result of your leadership. When you are right, and you stick to your guns, you win.

But here we are complaining that we’re only half of a third. What an embarrassing thing to say. And maddening. For those of you half-of-a-third folks, you do not understand how much of a slap in the face that statement is.

We the people worked so very hard to elect you last year, we are the bravehearts, we are the workhorses, we are the reason you sit in DC, and we pay your bills. I cannot stress how very demeaning and defensive that mantra is. Mark Levin is right,

In the end, the deal proved that the leadership is willing to make a big stink about the social issues and then cave on them to get less than they wanted on the fiscal issues. It’s the way DC works, don’t you know….

FYI, for you DC folks, you can’t control the tea party, you need to embrace it or lose.

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    Exactly. Agree with this sentiment. Jen, have you checked out the Conservatives Together site yet? Your Twitter posts can be tied into it easily.